[New release] Your ThinkAutomation upgrade is ready to download

10x faster raw processing. A powerful automation studio. New API gateways.

Meet your ThinkAutomation upgrade.

What’s included

🚀 Performance gains
  • A resilient core processer powering fast, concurrent message processing
  • Fluid, continuous WebSocket connections between core ThinkAutomation services
  • A JSON parser and accompanying editor, served via a friendly user interface
  • 100% .NET codebase with superior memory management, security, and integration scope

⚡ Feature additions
  • A new automation studio designed for scalable, accessible orchestration
  • A custom action designer including a built-in IDE to write your own scripts
  • An online community library to create, share and discover custom automations
  • MongoDB and MySQL message stores, for improved performance and storage power

⛓️ Data handling improvements
  • A local HTTP API gateway for fast, embedded data processing in a client environment
  • A public web API for smooth, continuous data flows with third-party cloud services
  • “Calling” of one automation to another for rapid value exchanges and endless conditionals
  • Remote access to a convenient web-based dashboard and web message store viewer

Plus much more.

Next steps for existing customers

  • 1- Check your support status

Product upgrades are included as part of your subscription to the ThinkAutomation support package. Get in touch to renew any expired subscriptions.

  • 2 – Download your ThinkAutomation upgrade

With active support in place, you’re all set to upgrade. Use this link to access the latest version of ThinkAutomation: http://www.thinkautomation.com/download/

  • 3 – Get your new serial key

This release is a new platform, needing a new serial key to activate. Get in touch to get yours.

  • 4 – Start your migration

You can now start exploring the new and improved ThinkAutomation and configuring your automations. As you migrate, you can keep your previous version of the product running – there’s no need to uninstall until you’re fully set up in the new platform.

Need upgrade help?

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