New feature: introducing the ThinkAutomation desktop connector

We’ve made it easier for our customers to place the power of ThinkAutomation in everyone’s hands.

With our new desktop connector application, every employee can become an automator – regardless of their tech expertise.

Meet the ThinkAutomation desktop connector.

🙋 What is the ThinkAutomation desktop connector?

The ThinkAutomation desktop connector is a stand-alone application that lets employees run automations manually on the fly, without accessing the automation studio. Let’s look a little closer at that terminology.

  • The ThinkAutomation studio: The orchestration area for technicians / developers to connect data sources, configure automations, and build out conditional workflows
  • The ThinkAutomation desktop connector: A simple app for employees of any tech ability to connect to ThinkAutomation and manually execute an automation

So, the connector app means that even non-technical team members can execute set workflows from their machines.

🙋 How does the desktop connector work?

The desktop connector synchronises with your ThinkAutomation configuration to fire the needed actions. So:

⚙️ Your ThinkAutomation administrator orchestrates any number of cross-company automations and integrations using the studio

🔧 Meanwhile, non-technical employees can install the ThinkAutomation desktop connector on their machines

⚙️ Employees can then send / drag and drop their files and messages into the connector app for processing

🔧 Automations are executed immediately by the ThinkAutomation server and the results returned back to the desktop app

⚙️ For non-technical employees, these flows work with no need to see the logical blocks behind the automations or the studio in which they were built

🙋 What would you use the desktop connector for?

The ThinkAutomation desktop connector is ideal for democratising automations across the workplace. Anyone can automate. Let’s use an example:

⚙️ Your ThinkAutomation administrator builds a sales-focused automation that generates a quotation PDF, sends the quotation to the customer, and records it in your CRM system

🔧 Sales team members with the connector application can then simply drag and drop their quote request emails on to the relevant automation inside the client

⚙️Once the email has been dragged/sent into the connector app, ThinkAutomation will then generate the quote PDF, email a copy to the customer, and add the interaction to the company CRM against the relevant record

🔧In this scenario, all the sales employee has to do is drag an email file over to the standalone connector app. The pre-built automation and the ThinkAutomation server handle the rest

The new connector app, then, means that any number of non-technical employees across an office can connect to ThinkAutomation.

Importantly, they can do so without editing automations or making configuration changes.

They need only send or drag and drop files and messages into the application.

🙋 How do I get it?

If you’re new to ThinkAutomation, the desktop connector app is rolled into the setup pack you’ll download on initial installation.

If you’re an existing ThinkAutomation customer, you can download the connector application via a dedicated installer. You can access that installer via our downloads page:

🙋 Does the desktop connector cost extra?

The connector app is included as standard in all our packages. However, the number of clients that can connect to your ThinkAutomation server at the same time depends on the edition you have purchased. Get in touch if you’d like to chat more about editions and resource needs.

🔥 Ignite productivity with improved access to automation

The ThinkAutomation desktop connector app places powerful capabilities in the hands of people in the contact centre, in operations, in back-office functions – all without the need for specialised IT knowledge.

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