Email2Cloud: the decommission debrief

As our customers will know, we’ve recently decommissioned Email2Cloud. This article explains why we’ve had to take this step, what the implication is for our customers, and how we’re moving forwards.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In response to our increasingly data-driven world, the GDPR is a regulation that extends the protection of EU citizens from potential privacy or data breaches. It differs from the previous directive drastically, and this has left EU businesses an onerous task of preparing for compliance.

By 25 May 2018, all EU businesses had to follow the new, stricter parameters in place. These include the tightening of rules for obtaining valid consent to using personal information, and the extension of what is considered to be ‘personal’ data. In short, the GDPR introduces heightened accountability obligations and stronger restrictions on international data flows.

GDPR implications on Email2Cloud

Parker Software is a UK company. That means we’re bound to UK and EU laws – including the GDPR. Unfortunately, it also means that our Email2Cloud service is irreparably non-compliant.

This is because our customers use Email2Cloud to parse, and store, the personal data of their clients in a cloud environment. Personal data is under rigorous regulation in terms of acquisition and retention. And, importantly, the GDPR now expands liability beyond data controllers to include the service provider. So, as the service used to process our customer’s data, Email2Cloud is also regarded as GDPR accountable.

Our commitment to compliance

We’re a company that has staked our reputation on security. We offer watertight security protocols and procedures, and pride ourselves on the reliability and authenticity of our products.

We cannot, therefore, support a product that would risk noncompliance. Although we stand by the quality and value of our Email2Cloud service, we cannot know whether the data it processes for our customers and their customers has been acquired and retained in accordance with GDPR guidelines. So, it is with regret that we decommissioned Email2Cloud in its former format.

Our commitment to customers

We’re just as committed to our customers as we are to compliance. We’ve decommissioned Email2Cloud, but we’re also offering a robust replacement to ensure minimal service disruption.

This alternative comes in the form of our installable ThinkAutomation edition. As long-standing customers will know, we rebranded both Email2Cloud and Email2DB into ThinkAutomation in 2015. ThinkAutomation offers a broader range of features, wrapped into a more accessible client. Since it is a fully installable solution, we can also provide it to you without risk of GDPR non-compliance.

A message from our CEO

“Firstly, I would like to apologise to our loyal Email2Cloud customers for any difficulties caused by this decommission.  It is with regret that we are saying goodbye to a service that has served our customers and our business so well. Due to new regulations, it is the correct (and only) course of action to take.

I want to assure you all of my commitment to offering an excellent alternative to Email2Cloud. With our ThinkAutomation installable implementation, you will no longer be on a shared environment. The service’s full power is yours alone.

Finally, I would like to thank you for choosing Email2Cloud. I value each and every customer, and it is thanks to you that I have been able to grow the company’s offering. I hope that we can continue to grow together in business.”

— Stephen Parker, CEO, Parker Software