Award nomination – please vote for us!

We’re thrilled to reveal that ThinkAutomation has received a prestigious award nomination! We’re in the running for “Best Digital Transformation Product” in Computing’s Technology Product Awards 2022.

We’re going up against some much bigger corporations, and winners are selected through voting. So, we’re hoping our customers could help give us a fighting chance.

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Why support the ThinkAutomation award nomination?

ThinkAutomation is a powerful, end-to-end business process automation system that eliminates the need for businesses to pay for multiple service providers as they transform.

The solution comprises a:

  • Drag-and-drop automation studio, for workflow orchestration
  • Integrated development environment, to script custom actions and connectors
  • Hybrid automation gateway, to connect into any API
  • Web builder, to view data in a custom front-end
  • Remote desktop connector, for non-tech employees to run automations on the fly

The scale of this setup is open-ended, offering a simplifying “one-stop-shop” for digital transformation. Not only can users process data across any number of endpoints, they can also visualise that data and automate it in endless ways.

Via ThinkAutomation, users can:

  • Automate any process or project end-to-end using a single, cross-organisational solution
  • Build flows across on-premises and/or cloud applications, unlimited data sources, and IoT devices
  • Create a common language for handling operational processes across departments, systems, external partners, and suppliers
  • Design tailored experiences for different devices and platforms
  • Run endless automations to process and respond to data conditionally
  • Enable the quick, continuous movement of data around a technology ecosystem – no matter how many solutions it may comprise

Or, in the words of a user review:

“All I can say is that ThinkAutomation is the best software product I have used in 30 years as an IT pro.”

For organisations looking to transform, ThinkAutomation enables deep system change in a single solution.

Vote for us!

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Thanks for any support you can give – and please wish us luck!