What to expect in ThinkAutomation version 5

We’ve spent 12 months in research and development. Now, the next generation of ThinkAutomation is almost ready for release.

Your new upgrade will offer more processing power and automation scope than any of its predecessors.

ThinkAutomation version 5 has been:


ThinkAutomation has a fresh new codebase leveraging the power of the .NET framework, with no legacy components.


We’ve built a ThinkAutomation studio complete with a fully featured code editor for custom automations.


ThinkAutomation now reads messages from multiple sources concurrently, for an enormous performance boost.

Massively extended.

ThinkAutomation version 5 comes with a vast mix of features developed with fast, endless processing in mind.

New features:

– MongoDB and MySQL message stores

➕ Automation studio with hundreds of available actions

– Custom action designer including a built-in IDE for writing execution scripts

➕ .NET, C#, or VB.NET scripts that can reference external assemblies

– Online library of custom actions

➕ A public web API plus a local HTTP API

–  Publicly accessible web form/ survey builder

➕ Communication via WebSocket connections

– Concurrent message processing

➕ Automation chaining, with automations “calling” other automations

– Data extraction as a core action, not a separate configuration

➕ JSON metadata storage and parsing of any JSON

– Database update/lookup actions use ADO.NET and parameters

➕ Text summariser using key phrase recognition and extraction

– File pickup in real-time, via .NET monitoring

➕ Built-in editors for plaintext, Markdown, HTML, JSON, SQL, C# and VB

– Action types including masking, summarising, and markdown to HTML

➕ Plus many more


► When will ThinkAutomation version 5 be available?

From February. You can download the public beta here: https://www.thinkautomation.com/download/

► Will I be able to retain my existing setup?

The upgraded ThinkAutomation product has been designed to supersede its predecessor. It’s a completely new version. So, you’ll need to reconfigure company automations (now with more options and possibilities) in the new ThinkAutomation studio.

However, there’s no need to do so all at once. As you explore the upgrade, you can keep your existing ThinkAutomation configuration up and running. The two versions can run side by side for a smoother, more gradual switchover.

► Do I have to pay more?

Not if you have an active support and updates plan in place. If your support agreement has expired, you’ll need to renew it in order to download the upgrade. You can check the support status of your ThinkAutomation account here: http://www.thinkautomation.com/support/.

► Will the previous ThinkAutomation edition be supported?

Yes, for at least 4 years. The old edition won’t receive new features, but we’ll keep it secure with any needed patches and fixes over the sunsetting period.

However, the new edition offers core service and performance improvements. (Works 10x faster than its predecessor!) So, we’d advise making the most of it as soon as you can.

Questions or comments?

We’re keen to hear from our users. If you’d like to ask us anything about ThinkAutomation version 5, then we’re here to help.