Want to use robotic process automation for HR workflows? Here’s how ThinkAutomation can help.

CV parsing

ThinkAutomation is a handy CV parsing tool. It can extract the data from CVs, whether they come as a PDF or a Word document, and whether they come via recruitment mailbox or your website.

Once the CV data is scraped, our software bots can then migrate it to a database. This saves you the time of manual data entry, and ensures job applications are automatically and accurately recorded.

Candidate emails

As well as parsing CVs, ThinkAutomation can send automated emails to job applicants using the extracted contact details.

This can be a simple acknowledgement of receipt, or you can create more detailed follow-up emails complete with attachments for the candidate to complete.

Candidate screening

When it comes to candidates, you can use ThinkAutomation beyond CV processing and auto-responding. Our software bots also offer a screening service, scanning applications for keywords.

ThinkAutomation can compile suitable candidates based on your desired skills or qualifications. From there, it can send shortlists to your hiring manager, working as an automated resourcer.

Onboarding automation

When a candidate has accepted a job offer, they need new user accounts and credentials, systems access, new equipment which has to be ordered – not to mention onboarding documentation.

ThinkAutomation can automatically run your pre-defined onboarding workflow to orchestrate all these disparate processes. You get 100% well-equipped employees from the very first day.

Absence management

Automate the processes that come with absences. You could set up a specific SMS line or mailbox for absence reporting. ThinkAutomation then parses absence reports and runs the required actions.

That could be a confirmation email, a database note, a management alert, or any workflow necessary. Once processed, our software bots can also run follow-up absence reports and analysis.

Field employee feedback

Automatically collate and analyse the feedback that comes from company reviews and surveys. ThinkAutomation can process feedback from multiple sources, then run reports on its findings.

For example, our software bots can parse all the survey answers submitted via web form or document. Then, a sentiment analysis workflow will score responses and produce a satisfaction report.

Timesheet automation

ThinkAutomation can automatically create employee timesheets using a CSV export. Plus, it can validate time records and review for accuracy and completion.

This helps you reduce the time spent on manual paperwork and document admin, generating the files you need as well as auto-reviewing your departmental documents.

Reduce back-office admin

Our software bots can parse attachments, convert file formats, update folders and databases, extract and enter data, and upload documents to the relevant destination.

This reduces your repetitive HR admin. Using a simple series of ‘if this, then that’ type rules, you can automate your back-office chores and process paperwork smoothly and cost-effectively.

Schedule HR emails

You may send an email at the end of each month requesting expense forms. Perhaps you send out a quarterly company questionnaire, a periodic referral program email, or birthday messages to staff.

Either way, ThinkAutomation can push out those emails automatically on your behalf. You create the content and the conditions, and our software bots automate the rest.

Manage travel and expenses

The travel and expense process is often a HR headache, with missing receipts, late submissions, spreadsheet errors and unclear spends. So, use our software bots to help.

ThinkAutomation can send reminders or noncompliance alerts. It can upload files to a central folder, or run reports on monthly expenditure. And it can even auto-approve or reject based on your rules.

Payroll workflows

The repetitive nature of payroll processes makes them perfect for automation. Our software bots can automate data-heavy tasks like running payroll batch extracts, or importing to payroll.

You can also auto-send salary slips to employees upon payment, or auto-print reports and paychecks. This helps you improve accuracy, efficiency, and processing times across payroll procedure.

Call recording

ThinkAutomation comes complete with call recording functionality. For HR teams, this means the opportunity to improve employee performance with call listening and tailored training.

Call recording also helps protect your organisation and your employees, as you can take preventive steps to reduce liability.

Get building

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