As your business evolves, so too might your automation needs. So, we can offer regular ThinkAutomation health checks to make sure you’re getting the most from your existing setup and workflows.

Account manager

From the moment you start your professional services journey with ThinkAutomation, we’ll give you a dedicated point of contact within the company.

Your account manager will be available to you via call, email, or even on-premise if needed. You get a consistent relationship with an in-house specialist, to look after your ongoing automation needs.

Audit existing setup

ThinkAutomation must be tailored to your organisation to get what you want from it. But with so many options available, we often find that customer setup isn’t as efficient as it could be.

So, we can review your ThinkAutomation deployment to offer recurring audits of your configuration, on whatever timeline works for you.

Identify opportunities to optimise

You might want to bring automation into more areas of your business. Perhaps you want to extend your existing workflows to include more actions, or perhaps you want to simplify.

Either way, we can conduct a needs reassessment and recommend tailored opportunities. We build out new processes, as well as fine-tuning your existing ones, for constant optimisation amid change.

Quarterly reviews

Our quarterly review process covers your ThinkAutomation deployment, overall solution, service feedback, roadmap, ongoing training, data analysis and future plans.

Each review takes a “past, present, future” approach. This provides a great opportunity to address issues, assess achievements and identify next steps.

Request an automation audit