Any employee becomes an automator

The ThinkAutomation desktop connector is a stand-alone application that lets employees run automations manually on the fly, without accessing the automation studio.

So, even non-technical team members can execute set workflows from their machines.

The ThinkAutomation studio

The orchestration area for technicians / developers to connect data sources, configure automations, and build out conditional workflows

The ThinkAutomation desktop connector

A simple app for employees of any tech ability to connect to ThinkAutomation and manually execute an automation

Easy access to automation

Your ThinkAutomation administrator orchestrates automations and integrations using the ThinkAutomation studio

Non-technical employees install the ThinkAutomation desktop connector app on their machines

Employees can send / drop files and messages into their ThinkAutomation connector apps

The desktop connector will then synchronise with your ThinkAutomation configuration to fire the needed actions

Democratise automations across the workplace

  • Let employees automate with speed and ease – no specialised IT knowledge required
  • No need to see any of the logical blocks, rules, and conditions behind workflows
  • Connect any number of non-technical employees across an office to ThinkAutomation
  • No risk of non-technical users editing automations or making configuration changes
  • Simply send or drag and drop into the connector app – your ThinkAutomation configuration handles the rest
  • Place powerful capabilities in the hands of people in the contact centre, in operations, and in back-office functions

A single licence for everything