We work with thousands of customers. Some of these are small businesses looking for a cost-effective email parser, some are global giants looking for a multi-tiered automation solution.

Despite their differences, these companies are all looking for the same thing: efficiency. And they’ve found that in abundance with ThinkAutomation.

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"The time savings so far in using ThinkAutomation have been considerable. We’re probably just scratching the surface of the potential efficiencies the product can provide an enterprise of our size."

"Your service is top notch, as is the software. You’ve allowed our company to save a lot of money and do things we never could before. I recommend the product whenever I can."

"I can say we have been using ThinkAutomation for over 10 years without a hitch or a problem. It is solid as a rock."

"Parker Software has created an astonishingly useful product where anything you can think up, it can do."

"Absolutely amazing support was provided! Parker Software is a solution focused firm."

"ThinkAutomation is the only solution on the market which had the functionality and capability I was looking for."

"I have an automation application that has been running non-stop since 2010. Great application!."

"Within 30 days, it became obvious ThinkAutomation would be ideal for improving the efficiency of locate requests in Bozeman."

"ThinkAutomation is a great product and we have used it for several years. I really appreciate all of the help that you and your team have provided."

"ThinkAutomation is the glue that binds our core business systems. Keep up the good work."

"We started to look into different technology to automate our internal processes due to time constraints. I needed a package which more or less did what it said on the tin."

"ThinkAutomation provides a simple solution to often complex administrative systems. The return on investment for us is massive."

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