Leverage an automation ecosystem designed for open-ended control.

ThinkAutomation is the only installable automation studio with uncapped orchestration, integration, and processing allowances.

Partner with us for unprecedented ownership over the automations you develop and how you deliver them.

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Automate entire stacks, entire company workflows, from a single local ThinkAutomation iteration

Host ThinkAutomation where you wish, build what you need, integrate wherever and however you like

Orchestrate custom automation solutions for clients, then deploy and resell on your own terms

Plug our API into your own products and services to power all-new automation and processing capacity

An ecosystem with infinite extensibility to automate, integrate, and innovate

Be part of a hyper-growth market

All working with uniquely powerful technology, delivered by an expert team

  • Founded in 2004, first-mover position in the automation space
  • A single point of contact for any process automation need
  • Voted The Guardian’s No.1 “Best Tool for Productivity and Efficiency“
  • A sophisticated product, time-tested and tuned over more than fifteen years
  • Slots into any vertical, and operates over a variety of markets
  • The platform of choice for NASA, Dell, Citrix, SAP, AVG and more

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Value-added resellerTechnology partnerStrategic alliance
Host, customise, and resell ThinkAutomation as a bespoke solutionLeverage our API as part of a third-party solutionHigh-level commercial association using each other’s expertise
Create any automation needed via a powerful studio and built-in IDEUse our processing engine in your own softwareShare resources and collaborate on new endeavours
Resell and replicate your custom builds at any scale, on your own termsWork with our in-house programmers on custom projectsCross-recommendation sales strategy