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Automation Action: Update CRM Entity

Add or update Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar or Zoho CRM entities.

Built-In Action

Creates or updates entities in a CRM system,

Click Connect to connect to a CRM system. Currently ThinkAutomation can connect to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Online)
  • Salesforce
  • Sugar CRM
  • Zoho CRM

See: CRM Connection Notes for specific CRM connection details.

Select Create New Entity, Update Existing Entity or Delete Existing Entity from the Action To Take selector.

Select the Entity Type to update.

When updating or deleting existing entities, you must specify the Entity ID To Update - this can be a ThinkAutomation variable that has received an Id from a previous Get CRM Entity action.

In the Update Entity Fields grid you map Entity fields to ThinkAutomation variables. Each field for the selected Entity Type will be listed. In the Set Value To column enter a value or select a ThinkAutomation variable to assign to the field. ThinkAutomation will automatically convert the value to the correct data type when updating your CRM. If the Entity field has a maximum length then the value will be truncated if required. The Required column shows if the Entity Field is marked as a required field in the CRM system. You should ensure that required fields are assigned a value to prevent updates from being rejected.

The updated entity Id can be returned to a ThinkAutomation variable. Select from the Assign Entity ID To list. When creating a new entity, the new id will be returned. When updating or deleting an existing entity, the same id passed with the Entity ID To Update entry will be returned - or blank if the existing entity could not be found.