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Automation Action: Twilio Wait For SMS Reply

Send a SMS message via Twilio and wait for a reply.

Built-In Action

This Action will wait to receive an SMS text message from a specific number. Normally this action would be used to wait for a response to a previously sent SMS message.

Set the From Number to the number you want to wait to receive a message from. Leave this blank to use the number from the last Twilio SMS Message action.

Set the Wait For to the number of seconds you want to wait for. If a message is not received after this time then the message text will be blank and Automation execution will continue. The maximum value for this is 9999 seconds (166 Minutes).

Set the Assign Message Text to a variable that you want to reply text to be set to.

When this action executes, ThinkAutomation will pause execution of the current Automation Message execution until the reply is received (or the timeout seconds has elapsed). Other ThinkAutomation messages will be processed during this waiting period. When the reply is received the remaining Automation actions for the current message will be executed.

You can have multiple send/wait for reply actions within a single Automation, allowing you to construct automated SMS text conversations and performing different actions based on the reply results.