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Automation Action: Translate

Translate text from one language to another and assign the result to a variable.

Built-In Action

Translates text from one language to another and returns the result to a variable.

Enter or select the From Language. If blank the language will be automatically detected (if possible).

Enter or select the To Language. This is required.

Enter the Text To Translate. This is limited to 10000 characters.

Enable Is HTML if the text will contain HTML tags. Passing the built-in variable %msg_html% would pass the entire HTML of the incoming message.

Enable Preserve Layout In Plaintext if you are passing none HTML (for example, the %msg_body% field contains the plain-text version of the incoming message). If this option is enabled then any carriage return/line feed characters and any white space will be preserved. Otherwise all control characters and white space is removed from the text before translation.

Select the variable you want the translated text assigned to from the Assign Translated Text To dropdown.

Translation requires a Translation account. This is configured in the Server Settings - Translation.

You can also use the ChatGPT action to translate any text. Simply send a prompt such as:

Please translate the following to French:

You can send any ThinkAutomation variable(s) with the prompt.