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Automation Action: Train Sentiment

Train the Sentiment Analysis database.

Built-In Action

Trains the ThinkAutomation Sentiment Analyzer with positive or negative sentiment text. The ThinkAutomation Sentiment Analyzer should be trained with Positive and Negative sentiment messages to improve sentiment analysis accuracy.

In the Train Sentiment Analyzer With entry enter the text you want to use. This can contain %variable% replacements. To train the incoming message body set the value to %Msg_Body%.

Select Positive, Negative or Add Ignore Words from the Train As drop down.

The Sentiment Class Name is used to categorize the Sentiment Analysis database. For example, you could have "Sales" and "Spam" class names. Each would produce their own specific results. Class names are global to your ThinkAutomation instance. For example, a "Sales" class name would contain the same training data across all of your Solutions.

The number of tokens added to the Sentiment Analysis database can be returned to a variable. Select the variable to use from the Assign Result To list.

Training Process

The Sentiment Analysis accuracy will improve with more training data. The Sentiment Analyzer includes built-in training data for common English positive and negative words. For best results you should also train the Sentiment Analyzer with your own training data. Train roughly equal numbers of Positive and Negative messages. You should where possible use actual positive and negative messages rather than just individual positive/negative keywords.

Ignore Words

In addition to adding positive and negative sentiment messages you can use this action to add 'Ignore Words'. Select Add Ignore Words from the Train As option. The text used will be split into words and each added separately to the Sentiment Database. When Sentiment Analysis is performed any words in the Ignore list wont be used to in the sentiment scoring process. You can add email address, links and any other words/text. The number of unique ignore words added will be returned to the Assign To Variable.

Sentiment Analyzer Control Panel

You can also use the included Sentiment Analyzer Control Panel to add training data and run run tests. See: Sentiment Analyzer Control Panel

Parker Software Professional Services team can assist in creating a training plan. Contact our Professional Services team for more information.