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Automation Action: Text To Speech

Convert text to a speech WAV file and return the WAV file path to a variable.

Built-In Action

Uses the Windows speech synthesizer to convert text to a WAV file containing a spoken version of the text.

Enter the Text To Speak. This can contain %variable% replacements.

Select the Voice. This list will be populated by Speech language packs installed on your system. You can install more language packs in your Windows settings. After selecting a Voice, click the Test button to hear how the text will sound.

Select or enter the Save To path where the created wav file should be saved.

Enter the WAV File Name. This can contain %variable% replacements. The .wav extension will be added if necessary.

If the Ensure Unique File Name option is selected then ThinkAutomation will append a unique timestamp to the filename to ensure it is unique within the Save To path.

If Delete File After Message Is Processed is enabled then ThinkAutomation will remove the file when the Automation completes for the current message. This is useful if you wish to use the wav file in the Automation (for example, to send the file as an attachment with the Send Email action), but do not need to keep a local copy afterwards.

You can assign the saved path & filename to a variable by selecting the variable from the Assign Saved File Path To list. You can then use this variable in the Attachments entry on Send Email actions or in any other way.