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Perform various operations on text values.

Built-In Action

Perform various operations on text.

The From value can be any text or %variable% replacement or combination.

Select the Text Operation Type:

OperationType Details
Trim: All Whitespace All Whitespace (replaces all tab, CR, and LF characters, with space characters, and removes extra space's so there are no occurrences of more than one space in a row).
Trim: Blanks Blanks (removes all CR/LF/tab characters and trims).
Trim: End Trims the last Length characters.
Trim: Start Trims the first Length characters.
Trim: Start & End Trims the first and last Length characters.
Get: Index Of Returns the start position of Look For value in the From value (1 based). The Look for can be a regular expression or %variable% replacement.
Get: Left Get the last Length characters.
Get: Right Get the first Length characters.
Get: SubString Get Length characters starting at Start Position. If Start Position is not a number then the value of Start Position will be searched in the From value - and the search position will be used (if found).
Get: Length Returns the character length of the From value.
Extract: Regex Get one or all matches of the Regex Pattern.
Replace: Regex Replace one or more Regex Pattern matches with a replace pattern.
Set: Format Returns a formatted value of the From value. The Format can be any .NET format. For example: 'The delivery date is {0:d}' would return 'The delivery date is 1/1/2021' if From contained a date value.
Mask: Inside Replaces Length characters starting from Start Position with * characters.
Mask: Profanity Replaces all profanity words with * characters.
Mask: Credit Card Numbers Replaces all Credit Card numbers with * characters.
Convert: To Lower Case Returns the From value as lower case.
Convert: To Upper Case Returns the From value as upper case.
Convert: To Word Capitalized Returns the From value as Word Capitalized.
Convert: CamelCase To Words Returns the From value as words extracted from Camel Case. Eg: customerName would return 'Customer Name'
Convert: HTML To PlainText Returns the plain text version of any HTML text. (see: HTML Parsing Notes)
Convert: HTML To XML Returns the well formed XML version of any HTML text. (see: HTML Parsing Notes)
Convert: HTML To Json Converts any HTML to XML and then converts the XML to Json. (see: HTML Parsing Notes)
Convert: Markdown To HTML Converts Markdown to HTML.
Convert: CSV To HTML Table Converts CSV text into a HTML table.
Convert: CSV To Markdown Table Converts CSV text into a Markdown table.
Convert: CSV To Json Array Converts CSV text into a Json array.
Convert: Json To CSV Converts Json/Json Array text into CSV text with headers.
Convert: XML To Json Converts XML text into Json.
The 'Sub String' and 'Get Index Of' use 1 based index positions. 'Get Index Of' will return 0 if the Look For value is not found.

The Preview will show a preview of the operation. This is useful to check how the operation will work. The preview however will not show if the From text is a %variable% replacement (since the value will not be known until the Automation executes).

Select the variable to receive the result from the Assign To list.

Regular Expression Extract

The Extract: Regex operation allows you to extract data from the From entry based on a regular expression in the Regex Pattern entry. If All Matches is enabled then all matches are returned (one per line).

For example if the From text is set to:

Product Code Quantity
A1234        1              

And the Regex Pattern is set to ''A[0-9]{4}'' - which means any text starting with 'A' followed by 4 numbers (0-9). Then the returned text would be 'A1234'.

Regular Expression Replace

The Replace: Regex operation allows you to search for regular expression patterns and then perform a replacement on the matches. The replace pattern can contain substitutions.

For example if the From text is set to:

Phone Number: 4075452119              

And Regex Pattern is set to "(?(\d{3}))?[\s-]?(\d{3})-?(\d{4})" and the Replace With set to "($1) $2-$3". Then the returned text would be "Phone Number: (407) 545-2119".