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Automation Action: Set Logging Level

Set the amount of detail recorded in the Automation log.

Built-In Action

Set the logging detail level for the current message.

This action can be used to change the level of logging for the currently executing message. This is useful if you have many actions, or actions that loop and you want to reduce the number of log entries to improve performance. Setting the logging level to 'Minimal' will cause only errors to be logged.

Any Comment actions that have the Show In Log option enabled will always be logged, regardless of the current logging level.

For fast running Automations, or Automations that generate many log entries, you should use the Set Logging Level action to set the logging level to 'minimal' once you have completed debugging your Automation. This will significantly increase performance.

It can also be used to increase the logging level whilst debugging a specific Automation.

You can change the logging level multiple times during an Automation.

The logging level will revert back to the default once the Automation has completed executing actions for the current message.

You can set the default logging level for all Automations using the Server Settings - Logging option.