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Automation Action: Send Tweet

Send a Tweet to Twitter or reply to an incoming Tweet.

Built-In Action

Send a Tweet to Twitter or reply to an incoming Tweet.

Before you can use this action you must first authorize ThinkAutomation to connect to Twitter. Click the Connect button and enter your Twitter username/password. You will then be asked if you want to allow ThinkAutomation to be able to post Tweets to Twitter. Tweets will be sent on behalf of the this user.

Enter the Send Tweet test. This can contain %variable% replacements. Twitter limits Tweets to 280 characters. ThinkAutomation will truncate the message if required.

If the incoming Message Source type is Twitter you can reply to the current message. Enable the Reply To Incoming Tweet option. For example: You could create a Twitter Message Source to monitor your @mentions for your own Twitter account. Any Tweets with 'great/good service' etc you could automate a 'Thank you' reply.

ThinkAutomation uses the new Twitter Version 2 API. The Send Tweet text can be set to the Json body for more complex Tweets. See: POST /2/tweets | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform