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Automation Action: Print

Automatically print the incoming message, attachments or specific documents.

Built-In Action

Prints the incoming message, a report of extracted fields, document attachments or a specific file.

Enable the Print The Incoming Message option to print the incoming message.

Enable the Print Extracted Fields option to print a table showing extracted field names and values.

Enable the Print PDF Attachments option if you want ThinkAutomation to print PDF file attachments.

Enable the Print Document Attachments option if you want ThinkAutomation to print any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML or Text documents.

You can also a specify Print File. This can be any PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML or text file or a %variable% containing a file path.

You can pre-select the printer to use from the Printer list. This can be a %variable% replacement if you need to conditionally select a printer in a previous action.

If you select a network printer the ThinkAutomation service may not have permission to print to it. This is because the ThinkAutomation service runs under the SYSTEM account by default and the SYSTEM account cannot access any network resources. Configure the ThinkAutomation Message Processor service to run under a different user.