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Automation Action: On Error

Control what should happen if an error occurs on subsequent actions.

Built-In Action

The On Error action enables you to control what should happen if an error occurs on any action following the On Error action. You can add any number of On Error actions to an Automation.

Each On Error action can be set to:

  • Resume Next - just report the error in the log and continue.
  • Retry - retry the errored action. You specify the Retry Count and Pause interval. If the action still fails after the retries you have the option of sending an error report email and pausing the Message Source.
  • Go To Label - move execution to the specified label and optionally send an error report email.
  • Execute Automation - transfer execution to another Automation.

If no On Error action is used on an Automation then by default ThinkAutomation will stop execution of the current message when an error occurs, send a notification email and pause the Message Source. This enables you to investigate the error before more messages are processed. You must then re-enable the Message Source to continue processing.