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Automation Action: Math

Perform mathematical calculations and save the result to a variable.

Built-In Action

Executes mathematical formulas and returns the result to a variable.

Enter the Formula text. The formula can contain %variable% replacements.

Select the variable to receive the result from the Assign To list.

Formulas can be as simple as %Price% * %Amount% which would return the value held in %Price% multiplied by the value held in %Amount%.

Click the Validate button to check the formula.

The following mathematical operations are supported:

  • Addition: +
  • Subtraction: -
  • Multiplication: *
  • Division: /
  • Modulo: %
  • Exponentiation: ^
  • Negation: !

Standard Functions:

Function Arguments Description
sum sum(A1, ..., An) Total
roundup roundup(A1,Digits) Rounds up decimal to specified digits
sin sin(A1) Sine
cos cos(A1) Cosine
asin asin(A1) Arcsine
acos acos(A1) Arccosine
tan tan(A1) Tangent
cot cot(A1) Cotangent
atan atan(A1) Arctangent
acot acot(A1) Arccotangent
loge loge(A1) Natural Logarithm
log10 log10(A1) Common Logarithm
logn logn(A1, A2) Logarithm
sqrt sqrt(A1) Square Root
if if(A1, A2, A3) If Function
max max(A1, ..., An) Maximum
min min(A1, ..., An) Minimum
avg avg(A1, ..., An) Average
median median(A1, ..., An) Median
round round(A1) Round
random random() Random
For more complex calculations you can use the Create Spreadsheet action. The Create Spreadsheet action allows you to assign %variables% to cells and then read-back cell values to %variables% after all formulas have been re-calculated.