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Automation Action: GeoIP Lookup

Perform a GeoIP lookup for any IP address, URL, domain name or email address. Assign the Country, Region and City information to variables.

Built-In Action

Performs a Geo IP lookup for any IP address, domain name, email address or URL. The Geo IP lookup returns the City, Region & Country for any IP address. Also returns the Organization name.

In the Lookup field enter any text or %variable%. If the field contains an IP address then this will be used. If no IP address is found then the first email address will be used. If no email address then the first URL. If an email address/domain name is used then ThinkAutomation will first perform a reverse DNS lookup to find the IP address and then use that to do the Geo IP lookup.

You can then assign the Country, Region, City & Organization to variables.

This action is useful for validating customer details - for instance you can check that the GeoIP Country of the customers email address matches the country they specify on an order form.

This Action is also useful when receiving messages via the API - from web forms, or web requests. It allows you to obtain Geo IP information for the user making the request.

For API received messages the remote host (IP Address) is added to the Message Headers. You can access this using the built-in variable %Msg_FromIP%.

This Action uses ThinkAutomation's own GeoIP database installed locally. This is updated on a regular basis.