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Automation Action: Find and Replace

Finds and replaces text in any variable.

Built-In Action

Finds and replaces text in any ThinkAutomation variable and returns the result to the same or different variable.

Enter the text to find in the Replace entry. You can make use of %variable% replacements.

Enter the text to replace with in the With entry. Again you can use %variable% replacements. Note: The With value can be blank if you wish to just remove the Replace value.

In the In list - select the field to use for the replacement. This can be any of your extracted fields/variables.

By default the text search will start at the beginning of the text. Enter a Start At Character value if you want to start the search from a specific character position.

Enable Replace All Occurrences if you want all occurrences of the Replace text to be replaced.

Enable Case Sensitive Search if the find should be case sensitive.

You must then select variable to assign the replaced text to from the Assign Result To list. By default the same variable that you select in the In selection will be used.

You can also perform regular expression replacements using the Text Operation action.