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Automation Action: FTP Upload

Upload files or attachments to an FTP or SFTP server.

Built-In Action

Uploads files or attachments to an FTP or SFTP server.

First select FTP or SFTP.

Enter your FTP/STFP Host, User Name & Password.

Click the Connect button to connect to your FTP/SFTP Server.

For FTP servers: You may need to uncheck the Passive Mode option if your FTP server doesn't support passive mode. You can select the Secure Mode of 'Auth TLS', 'SSL' & 'None' if your FTP server requires a secure connection.

You can then select a Remote Path to upload your files to.

Syncing A Local Folder

To sync a local folder, select the folder in the Sync From Local Folder entry. Enable Include Sub Folders to include all sub-folders. Enter any Sync Masks. This is a comma separated list of file masks to include in the Sync Folder upload. For example: "*.html,*.css" would only upload files with html or css extensions. Leave blank or set to *.* for all file types. Enable the Skip Upload If Existing File Is The Same Size & Date option to only upload new/updated files during the folder sync.

Uploading Individual Files

The Upload Local Files can be used to select individual local files to upload. Multiple files can be added, separated by commas. You can use %variable% replacements for filenames if required.

Uploading Attachments

To upload attachments enable the Include Incoming Attachments option and specify the Attachment Mask.

In all upload cases the Skip Upload If Existing File Is The Same Size & Date option can be enabled to prevent files that already exist in the Remote Path from being uploaded again if the file size and date are the same.

Enable the Show Progress In Log option to add log entries to show the progress of the upload.

The number of files uploaded can be returned to a variable. Select the variable from the Assign Results To list.