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Automation Action: DNS Lookup

Perform a DNS Lookup and assign the returned data to a variable.

Built-In Action

Performs a DNS Lookup and assigns the returned data to a variable.

In the Lookup entry enter an IP Address or Hostname. If an email address is used ThinkAutomation will automatically use the domain part (the section after the @ sign).

Select the DNS Record Type to lookup. Here you can select any valid DNS type.

The DNS Server entry allows you to specify a specific DNS server IP address to use for the lookup. Leave blank to use the system default.

You must then select the variable to assign the result to by selecting from the Assign Result To list. If the lookup fails - the variable will be set to Error: .

Results will be returned as FieldName: Value format. The fields returned depend on the DNS Record Type.

For example, an MX lookup of test@google.com would return:

EXCHANGE: alt4.aspmx.l.google.com              

If the lookup fails an error is returned:

Error: 3 Name error              

This Action is useful for validating email addresses. If an error is not returned then the email address has a valid MX record.