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Automation Action: Create Web Form Redirect

For Automations called from a Web Form Message Source. Redirect the submitted form to another ThinkAutomation Web Form or URL.

Built-In Action

The Create Web Form Redirect action is used on Automations called from a Web Form or Web Chat Message Source.

It can be used to redirect the submitted Web Form to another ThinkAutomation Web Form, Web Chat or external URL after the form is submitted. You can also pre-populate field values on the new Web Form with custom values or %variable% replacements created in the Automation.

Using the Create Web Form Redirect action allows you to create interactive forms that display new forms based on values submitted on a previous one.

When you create a web form redirect the redirect details are stored in a ThinkAutomation variable (selected from the Assign To list). You include this %variable% in your Automation Return value to trigger the redirect on the web form. You can create multiple Create Web Form Redirect actions and conditionally return the one you want to execute.

In the Redirect To list select Another ThinkAutomation Web Form or URL. If redirecting to an external URL enter the URL or use a %variable% replacement.

Another ThinkAutomation Web Form Or Web Chat Form

You must now choose another Web Form or Web Chat Message Source that you want to the user to be shown after the current one is submitted. You can create multiple Web Form and Web Chat Message Sources within a Solution. The current Web Form must have the Wait For Automation option enabled.

Pre-Populate New Web Form Fields

You can optionally pre-populate fields on the redirected web form. In the Value column of each field enter a value or select a field/variable. When the new web form is displayed, its field values will be automatically set. You can also define fields on the web form as hidden by default if you want to pre-populate a hidden field.

Delay Before Redirect

If a value (in seconds) is entered here then there will be a delay before the new Web Form is shown.

Assign To

Select the ThinkAutomation variable to receive the redirect properties. This %variable% must be included in the Automation Return value. The Automation return value can also contain other text if you want to display a response to the user. As long as the redirect %variable% is included somewhere in the return value then the redirect will execute.

You can conditionally return different redirects, for example:

If %ContactType% Equal To Customer Then
    Redirect = Create Webform Redirect To NewCustomerForm Pre-Populate Name=%Name%
    Redirect = Create Webform Redirect To NewSupplierForm Pre-Populate Name=%Name%
End If
Return Contact Accepted. One moment please %Redirect%