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Automation Action: Country Lookup

Lookup country details for country name, code or dial code. Assign the Country Name, Code, Dial Code, Dial Prefix and Currency Code to variables.

Built-In Action

Finds country information by country name, country code (2 or 3 letter) or country telephone dial code.

In the Lookup field any text or %variable%. You can search by country name, country code (ISO 3166 2 or 3 letter), dial code or country name in French.

You can then assign the Country Name, Two Letter Code, Three Letter Code, Country Dial Code, Dial Prefix, Currency Code and French Name to variables.

If no country is found then the variables will be assigned blank values. However an error will be thrown if the search text is blank.

This action is useful for validating customer details - for example if you only have a telephone number with the country code you can find the country (eg: searching for '44' or '+44' will return 'United Kingdom') or for finding the currency code when you only have the country name/code etc.