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Automation Action: Classify Sentiment

Assign the most relevant sentiment class name for any text to a variable.

Built-In Action

Finds the most relevant class name for any text.

In the Get Sentiment Classification For entry enter the text you want to use. This can contain %variable% replacements. To classify the incoming message body set the value to %Msg_Body%.

This action will score the given text against all class names that you have created training data for. The class name with the score furthest from neutral will be returned.

In the Assign Class Name To list select variable to assign the class name to.

For example: Suppose you have training data for class names 'Sales' & 'Support'. You can use this action to classify a new message as either 'Sales' or 'Support' depending on the class that scores furthest from neutral (IE: The class that ThinkAutomation thinks is the most likely).

Before Classification can work the ThinkAutomation Sentiment Analyzer must be 'trained'. The Sentiment Analyzer accuracy will improve the more it is trained. See: Train Sentiment

You can also use the ChatGPT action to classify any text. This will work without training.