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Automation Action: Azure File Get Link

Get URLs to files in an Azure Storage share and assign to a variable.

Built-In Action

Get URLs to files in an Azure Storage share.

This action can be used to generate a read-only URL to a file in an Azure Share. You can specify the number of minutes that the URL will be active for.

Specify your Azure Storage Account Name and Access Key and click the Connect button to connect.

Select the Share that you want to use.

In the Remote Files navigator you can navigate folders and files in the Azure Share. Double-click a file to add it to the Get Link(s) For Files entry. Multiple URLs can be generated within the same action.

You can also specify the Get Link(s) For Files directly by entering the paths (or use %variable% replacements). Each file must specify the full path (beginning with /). If using this action after the Azure File - Upload action you can use the %variable% previously returned from the Upload - this will then get links to the files just uploaded.

In the Links Valid For Minutes entry, specify the number of minutes that the link is usable for. This defaults to 1440 (24 hours).

In the Links Valid Only For IP Addresses entry you can optionally specify an IP address or range. The link will then only work when requested from the IP. IP ranges should be in the format (for example):

The Assign Links To variable will receive the URL. If multiple files are used then each URL will be separated with a comma.

You can then send this URL with an outgoing email to give the recipient time-limited access to the file(s).