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Automation Action: Azure Blob

Get or Put Azure Blobs.

Built-In Action

Read from or write to Azure Blob Storage.

Specify your Azure Storage Account Name and Access Key and click the Connect button to connect.

Select the blob Container to read from or write to.

Select the Operation - Get Blob to read a blob or Put Blob to upload new blobs.


Enter the Blob Name to read. This can contain %variable% replacements.

You can specify a Save To where the Blob will be saved. The saved blob path & name can then be assigned to a variable from the Assign To list.

If no Save To path is specified then the blob data itself will be assigned to the Assign To variable without being saved to a file.


You can Put either Files & Attachments or Blob Data:

Files & Attachments

Enter a Blob Name - this is optional. If no name is specified then the file names will be used.

In the Upload Files entry, specify local files to upload. You can specify multiple files separated by commas. Leave blank to only upload attachments

Enable the Include Incoming Attachments to upload attachments and specify the Matching Mask (eg: *.pdf).

Enable the Ensure Unique option to append a timestamp to the uploaded file names to ensure they are unique. Otherwise any existing blob with the same name will be overwritten.

Enable the Append Filenames To Blob Name option to append uploaded file names to the Blob Name specified. This is only applicable if a Blob Name has been specified. For example: If the Blob Name is set to 'orders' and the attachment '1234.pdf' is uploaded, then the Blob name in your storage account will be set to 'orders1234.pdf'.

Each uploaded Blob is given a unique URL. You can assign the URL to a variable from the Assign Url(s) To list. If multiple files are uploaded then the multiple URL's will be returned, separated by commas.

Blob Data

This option allows you to upload raw blob data. The Blob Name & Blob Data must be specified. Any existing Blob with the same name will be overwritten.