A lighter side to AI: positive artificial intelligence quotes

There’s a trend towards fearmongering and anxiety when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).

We’ve all heard how AI will take our jobs. Seen the prominent quotes outlining how machines will take control. Some of us may have even taken in the dark sci-fi depictions of AI declaring war on humans.

It gets heavy when you surround yourself with a mixture of science fiction hyperbole and AI concerns. So, we’re taking a walk on the lighter side of AI. What are some good things people are saying about AI?

Here are 10 positive artificial intelligence quotes from the experts.

Assurance that AI won’t destroy us

With so much anxiety around AI, part of the positive side of AI assures us that artificial intelligence isn’t the bogeyman that some claim it to be.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, as a dominant discipline within AI, is an amazing tool. In and of itself, it’s not good or bad. It’s not a magic solution. It isn’t the core of the problems in the world.

Vivienne Ming, Executive Chair & Co-Founder, Socos Labs

Artificial intelligence is, and always will be, what we make it; what we allow it to become. It is a tool, and so cannot be morally good or bad. It’s the way in which we create, legislate and use it that holds the power.

To say that AI will start doing what it wants for its own purposes is like saying a calculator will start making its own calculations.

Oren Etzioni, CEO at AI2

Many of the fears that surround AI concern what happens when it starts to ‘think for itself’. As Oren Etzioni points out, however, that’s a big assumption to make. There’s no reason to think that artificial intelligence will act independently or have its own desires.

Machines can do many things, but they cannot create meaning. They cannot answer these questions for us. Machines cannot tell us what we value, what choices we should make. The world we are creating is one that will have intelligent machines in it, but it is not for them. It is a world for us.

Paul Scharre, author of Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War

Artificial intelligence can’t and won’t control us. It’s starting to assist in our decisions, but they’re still our decisions.

AI will boost our humanity

Many positive artificial intelligence quotes look at what AI stands to change and allow us to do. And one of the more frequent themes for this is the impact it could have on our humanity. That is, our compassion and emotional intelligence.

Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.

Artificial intelligence is extending what we can do with our abilities. In this way, it’s letting us become more human.

Yann LeCun Professor, New York University

The coming era of Artificial Intelligence will not be the era of war, but be the era of deep compassion, non-violence, and love.

Amit Ray, Pioneer of Compassionate AI Movement

Subverting the science-fiction assertion that AI will lead to war, Amit Ray envisions a much less violent future for AI. With AI handling the mechanical, soft skills — like empathy — are on the rise. As artificial intelligence improves, we will have more time to empathise with each other. More time to build stronger relationships.

Humans need and want more time to interact with each other. I think AI coming about and replacing routine jobs is pushing us to do what we should be doing anyway: the creation of more humanistic service jobs.

Dr Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures

The idea that artificial intelligence will lead to a boost in humanity is echoed again by Dr Kai-Fu Lee. By taking away the mechanical, we open the opportunity to be more human. That means we have more time on our hands to focus on care, creativity, and innovation.

Hope for the future with AI

Predictably, many positive artificial intelligence quotes look to the future with hope. They anticipate the good things AI could bring.

It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.

Colin Angle, CEO and co-founder of iRobot

In truth, we don’t know how artificial intelligence will impact society. Will it direct a societal change, or will society shape AI adoption? The future doesn’t come with certainty, but there’s no reason to think that it will be anything other than ‘cool’.

We see incredible opportunity to solve some of the biggest social challenges we have by combining high-performance computing and AI – such as climate change and more.

Lisa Su, CEO of Advanced Micro Devices

Some positive artificial intelligence quotes highlight the potential for AI to help us with the challenges we face currently. With artificial intelligence, we can compute and calculate much faster than without it. And that could buy us time, or help us get through the work we need to do to elicit real, positive changes.

I imagine a world in which AI is going to make us work more productively, live longer, and have cleaner energy.

Fei-Fei Li, Computer Science Professor at Stanford

With artificial intelligence taking on the jobs that hold us back, we can be more productive at the work we want to do. Artificial intelligence is taking on the dangerous jobs, so we don’t put ourselves at less risk. It’s assisting with medical diagnosis and research, so we can save more lives. And with AI helping us innovate, we can find new, greener ways to live.

If we can make computers more intelligent–and I want to be careful of AI hype–and understand the world and the environment better, it can make life so much better for many of us. Just as the Industrial Revolution freed up a lot of humanity from physical drudgery, I think AI has the potential to free up humanity from a lot of the mental drudgery.

Andrew Ng, Google Brain Founder

We have a finite amount of mental energy each day. The more tedious or repetitive tasks we complete, the less energy we have left for the exciting tasks. Artificial intelligence can, and will, help us preserve that energy.

A lighter side to AI

It’s easy to get weighed down by the fear and anxiety that surrounds AI. But it’s largely fear of the unknown.

Artificial intelligence is, and always will be, a tool. How we use it — and how it evolves — is predominantly up to us.

And as these artificial intelligence quotes show, AI doesn’t have to spell our end. It has the potential to boost our humanity and our compassion. And there’s no reason we can’t hope for a bright, AI-augmented future.

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