Business process automation for customer service teams — a 101

At first look, using business process automation for customer service might seem like a bad idea. After all, who wants robotic service without human empathy and flexibility?

But you can use automation to support your service team without losing the human touch. In fact, automation is great for customer service teams. It works in the background to free them from tedious processes. As a result, they can focus on delivering standout, streamlined service.

So, what exactly does business process automation have to offer customer service teams? Here’s the 101 on business process automation for customer service.

Customer service, automation and emails

Firstly and most obviously, automation software can assist with email management. It parses emails to recognise key terms and properties of incoming emails. Then, it uses rule-based logic to respond.

For example, you can set up automatic responses to incoming emails. So, if a customer emails you, they get an automatic, personalised reply with relevant information. Each incoming email can trigger a tailored auto response. This means automation can react to many different scenarios. Auto responses also aren’t restricted to one channel.

You might also use automation to schedule outbound customer service emails. For instance, you could automate time-based life cycle communications. (I.e. checking in with customers or reminding them to do something.)

Phones and business process automation

Emails aren’t the only contact channel you can season with automation. You can also use business process automation for customer service phone calls. Automation software can act as a handy receptionist, managing both inbound and outbound calls on your behalf.

So, you could use automation to direct your inbound calls based on key triggers. For example, you can set it to manage call queues and call routing. If needed, automation can also forward your phone calls when you’re away. As a result, you ensure that every customer phone call goes to the right representative.

As for outbound calls, you can set up rules that outline triggers for a phone call. So, your business process automation can follow up on inbound data with an instant phone call. Automation can also trigger appropriate transcripts and speak text.

Customer database management

Of course, there’s also the database management side of customer service. It’s here that business process automation for customer service shines. It can save your customer service from death by admin and manual data entry.

Automation can extract inbound data from emails, calls, social media — any channel it monitors. You can then outline rules for how to manage and store this data. In short, business process automation can auto update your databases. This means you can get customer contact logged in your CRM automatically.

Plus, you can set rules that tell your automation when to delete data or even pull it from your databases for you.

Business process automation for customer service

Automation is also useful when it comes to managing complaints. Indeed, automation can process, route and escalate support requests and tickets. So, you never lose track of a customer service interaction.

You can also set triggers for support alerts for urgent customer service problems. So, for example, an inbound message contains keywords relating to a major problem. Automation picks this up and alerts your team to the situation straight away.

The utility of business process automation for customer service doesn’t stop when the service interaction is over. Rather, automation software can field customer feedback too. It does this by providing helpful insight and sentiment analysis.

Whenever a customer sends feedback, automation can extract and process it for you. It can then use sentiment analysis to determine if a message is positive or negative. So, you can track your customer service satisfaction based on their emotional feedback.

Give it a try

There are many benefits to using business process automation for customer service. And it can help with many other workflows and processes across many departments.

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