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Automation Action: Word Merge

Performs a mail merge on a Word document or attachments and saves the merged document as a new file.

Built-In Action

Performs a mail merge on a Microsoft Word document or Word Attachments and saves the merged document as a new file.

This action takes a Word Document and replaces all the mail-merge fields in the document with ThinkAutomation variable values. The resulting merged document is then saved.

Specify the Word File or select Merge Word Attachments and enter a File Mask to use any Word Documents attached to the message.

In the Save Merged Document To enter the new name for the merged document. You can use the special %filename% replacement to use the original file name in part of the new filename. If no name is specified then the original document will be saved.

In the Save To Path specify the folder to save the new document in.

The merged document path & filename can be assigned to a ThinkAutomation variable. Select the variable to use from the Assign Filename(s) To list.

Select Delete After Message Is Processed if you want ThinkAutomation to delete the file after it has finished executing all actions for the current message.

You must then map the Word Document Merge Fields to ThinkAutomation fields/variables. Click the Get Fields From Word Doc to extract mail merge fields from any Word Document. You can also just type them in the list.

Specify each mail Merge Field and the Value to assign the field to. This can be a fixed value or any ThinkAutomation Field, Variable or Built-in Variable.