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Automation Action: Run A Report

Create a report using a pre-defined report template and export it to various formats.

Built-In Action

Creates a report using a pre-defined report template. Reports can be printed, and/or exported to various formats, including PDF, HTML, Rich text and Excel. Exported reports can be attached to outgoing emails.

Enter a Report Name.

Click the Edit Report to start the Report Designer

Using The Report Designer

ThinkAutomation includes a report designer that allows you to create custom report templates. Reports can use ThinkAutomation variable data and link to external data sources.

The Extracted Fields/Variables and built-in variables will be listed in the report designer Explorer pane - Fields List. You can drag any of these onto the report designer surface.

After you have dragged a field to the designer, click it to edit its properties in the Properties Toolbox. You can change colors, alignment, borders, fonts etc. You should also re-size the field so that it will fit the data contents. (Note: If the 'Can Grow' property is set to True then the field height will grow automatically based on the field content).

You can also drag other objects onto the report (Labels, Images, Text Boxes, Charts etc). External data sources can be added using the Add Data Source button.

Click Save in the report designer to save the template.

Click Report Designer End-User Documentation to view detailed report designer documentation.

Enable the Export Report option to export the report at run time. Select the file format from the Export Format list. Available types are:

  • PDF
  • DOCX (Microsoft Word)
  • XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • TXT, RTF
  • HTML
  • MHT

Use the Assign Export Filename To list to select a ThinkAutomation Variable to assign the exported file name to. You can then use this %fieldname% on other Actions - such as the Send Email action to add the exported report as an attachment.

Enable the Print option to also print the report.