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Automated Document Processing with ThinkAutomation

Revolutionising intelligent document processing with our advanced automation solutions

Automated document processing (sometimes referred to as 'Intelligent Document Processing' or 'IDP') is at the forefront of modern document management. With ThinkAutomation, you get an automated document processing platform designed to streamline and automate complex document-centric tasks. Whether you're looking to understand the document processing market or seeking robust automated document processing tools, our platform stands out among automation vendors.

Go beyond traditional document processing. Parse email attachments, local files, and more with our state-of-the-art intelligent document processing software. Extract crucial data, convert files, upload content, and eliminate the tedious admin tasks associated with document management. Discover the power of IDP with ThinkAutomation and explore real-world intelligent document processing use cases that drive efficiency and innovation.

Comprehensive Document Processing with ThinkAutomation

Harness the power of ThinkAutomation's extensive document processing capabilities to streamline and automate a wide range of tasks.

  • Create Document: Craft formatted documents using the built-in Word Processor, saving in multiple formats.
  • Create Spreadsheet: Generate spreadsheets and save in diverse formats.
  • Convert Document: Transform various document types, including Word, Excel, PDF, and more, into formats like PDF, Word, HTML, and images.
  • Convert Document To Text: Extract plain text or PDF form data from multiple document types.
  • OCR Capabilities: Convert image files to text using optical character recognition. Extract images from PDFs and convert to text.
  • PDF Operations: Convert PDFs to images, text, or HTML, digitally sign them, or save other formats as PDF.
  • Word Merge: Execute mail merges on Word documents, saving the merged output as a new file.
  • Print: Auto-print incoming messages, attachments, or specific documents.
  • Report Generation: Create reports using predefined templates and export in various formats.
  • Excel Operations: Update Excel files, append rows, update cells, or lookup specific values.

Beyond these features, ThinkAutomation also offers capabilities to save, rename, copy local documents and attachments, and even upload them to cloud storage. These features empower businesses to automate tasks like document creation, format conversion, data extraction, digital signing, and more.

Enhanced with ChatGPT Integration

With the "document to text" feature, ThinkAutomation can further extract text, enabling advanced operations. By integrating with ChatGPT, it can classify, summarize, anonymize and extract specific information, providing a seamless blend of automation and intelligent processing.

Harness the Full Potential of Automated Document Processing

In an era where data drives decisions, the ability to efficiently process and manage documents is paramount. ThinkAutomation's document processing solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of the automated document processing market. From creating and converting documents to extracting and uploading data, our platform is equipped to handle a myriad of tasks with precision and speed.

Dive into the extensive features that make ThinkAutomation a leader among intelligent document processing companies:

Automated Document Processing Screenshot
  • Generate formatted Word, PDF, & Richtext documents using data extracted from incoming messages
  • Craft Excel spreadsheets and convert them to PDF
  • Derive text and form data from diverse document formats like PDF, Word, and images
  • Transform documents among formats: PDF, Word, Excel, Richtext, HTML, and more
  • Digitally sign PDF documents for enhanced security
  • Automate document printing processes
  • Execute Word Mailmerge for bulk document creation
  • Archive attachments to local storage seamlessly
  • Migrate attachments and local files to cloud storage solutions
  • Distribute created and transformed documents via email
  • ... and many more advanced features

Hundreds of combinations

You may only have a few core document processing needs. Or, you might want to incorporate automatic document processing within a larger workflow. Either way, ThinkAutomation can help.

Because ThinkAutomation uses conditional processing, your workflows can take whatever form you need. You simply set up rules (if this, then that), and ThinkAutomation executes them. For example:

If And Then
If the inbound email contains an attachment If the sender email matches a customer CRM record Upload the attachment to the customer's folder on OneDrive
If the attachment contains the word 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae' The attachment is a PDF document Extract the PDF text content, parse it and save to a database
If a new quote PDF document is found on a folder on your system The extracted email address is not blank Send an email to the customer with the quote attached and schedule an automated follow-up email in 7 days time
If a document contains the word 'contract' The document is dated within the last 7 days Store the document in the 'Recent Contracts' folder on the cloud
If a PDF document is found in a specific cloud folder The document contains the term 'NDA' Archive the document in the 'Legal Agreements' directory
If a document contains handwritten notes The notes are in English Convert the handwritten notes to digital text and save in a notes database
If a document is received via API The document type is 'tax document' Extract tax-related details and update the tax compliance system
If a document is found in a specific database The document is labeled 'warranty' Extract warranty expiration dates and set reminders for renewals
If a document is received from a regulatory body The document contains compliance guidelines Extract key guidelines and update the compliance checklist

Revolutionizing Email Responses with ChatGPT Integration

In today's digital age, timely and accurate email responses are crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. ThinkAutomation's integration with ChatGPT takes this to the next level, offering a seamless blend of automation and human-like interaction.

Local Knowledge Base Leveraging

With ThinkAutomation, emails can be parsed to extract user queries. The system then searches the company's local knowledge base for matching articles or relevant content. This data, combined with the user's question, is fed to ChatGPT. By leveraging ChatGPT's advanced language capabilities, the system crafts coherent and contextually relevant responses, ensuring that users receive answers that are both informative and human-like.

Privacy and Data Sensitivity

For businesses dealing with sensitive information, the local knowledge base can remain exclusively on-premises. This ensures data privacy while still benefiting from ChatGPT's unparalleled ability to craft human-like answers. It's the perfect blend of security and efficiency.

Smart Email Forwarding

ThinkAutomation's capabilities don't stop at generating responses. If certain keywords are detected in the parsed emails, they can be automatically forwarded to relevant personnel or departments. This ensures that critical or specialized queries are addressed promptly by the right individuals.

By integrating ChatGPT, ThinkAutomation is not only enhancing its automation capabilities but also ensuring that businesses can provide top-notch, personalized communication at scale.

Comparison between Traditional and IDP Comparison between Traditional and intelligent document processing

Comparison with Traditional Document Processing

While traditional document processing has served businesses for decades, the digital age demands more efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Here's how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) stands out:

  • Automation: While traditional methods often involve manual data entry and sorting, IDP automates these tasks, reducing human error and speeding up processes.
  • Intelligence: IDP systems can understand context, extract specific data points from unstructured documents, and even learn from previous interactions, something traditional methods can't achieve.
  • Efficiency: IDP can process vast volumes of documents in a fraction of the time it would take manually, leading to significant time and cost savings.
  • Integration: Unlike isolated traditional methods, IDP seamlessly integrates with other digital systems, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced business operations.
  • Scalability: Traditional methods can become cumbersome as volume grows, but IDP platforms scale effortlessly, accommodating growing business needs.

Transitioning to IDP not only modernizes business operations but also unlocks new potentials for growth, customer satisfaction, and digital transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

ThinkAutomation leverages advanced AI and automation capabilities to extract, process, and interpret data from various document types. It combines OCR, machine learning, and natural language processing to transform unstructured data into actionable insights, streamlining business operations.

While traditional OCR solutions focus on converting images of text into machine-encoded text, ThinkAutomation's IDP goes beyond by understanding and acting upon the extracted data. It offers a more comprehensive approach, ensuring data accuracy and efficient processing.

Yes, ThinkAutomation's IDP is designed to process a wide range of document formats, including PDFs, Word documents, scanned images, and more. It ensures consistent data extraction regardless of the document source.

Absolutely. ThinkAutomation prioritizes data security and ensures that sensitive documents are processed with the highest levels of encryption and protection. Businesses can confidently use the platform without compromising data integrity.

Yes, ThinkAutomation is designed for seamless integration with a variety of business systems, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced operational efficiency.

ThinkAutomation's IDP platform is equipped to process documents in multiple languages, ensuring consistent data extraction and understanding across diverse content.

ThinkAutomation's IDP solution is versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, legal, retail, and more. Any industry that deals with document processing can leverage the platform for enhanced efficiency.

ThinkAutomation ensures efficient document storage with easy retrieval options. Processed data can be stored in structured formats, and the platform offers robust search capabilities for quick access.

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