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High-Volume Contact Center Automation

Automate inbound and outbound SMS, email and Twitter communications

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Looking to automate your contact center processes? ThinkAutomation can handle the heaviest data processing needs – with no limits placed on how many messages you need to process per day.

Create AI powered chatbots to automatically respond to incoming emails, web chat & SMS messages. Use your inhouse knowledge store and databases to provide up to date context for ChatGPT powered automated responses.

Taking care of your customer communication admin

Reduce your manual resource strains. ThinkAutomation is designed to retrieve contact center data, process that data, and respond to it based on your workflow rules.

get stuff


Inbound customer messages and changes in monitored systems all pass through ThinkAutomation

do stuff


ThinkAutomation integrates across your contact centre stack to parse, process and push new data

send stuff


Triggers kick into motion to send relevant responses, or perform the right follow-up action

So, what can you automate with ThinkAutomation?

parse patient

Parse customer emails into your database/CRM

send smart

Push out smart email auto-responses

process attachments

Process attachments and extract/upload data

send automated sms

Issue automated SMS comms

issue triggered

Send triggered outbound SMS and emails to customers and staff

extract text

Extract text from images/scanned documentation

automate enrolment

Track, collate, and act on customer feedback

bridge systems

Sync your IT systems and share data internally

40 languages

Send, receive, and store messages in 40+ languages with auto-translation

calculate sentiment

Calculate sentiment analysis scores from mailboxes

field complaints

Field complaints and tickets

bridge triggered

Make outbound telephone calls and bridge triggered connect calls

Unlimited contact center automation

All this automation scope comes at a fraction of the usual cost. With ThinkAutomation, one set subscription price offers:

Automation Uncapped Workflows
Automation Uncapped Data Processing
Automation Uncapped Integrations

Continuous, consistent productivity

Contact centers are typically inundated with back-office, repetitive admin tasks. ThinkAutomation cuts through that workload. And it does so quietly, in the background, and round the clock.

Core capabilities

  • tick iconRuns 24/7/365 – for durable, continuous availability
  • tick iconFrees up man-hours and reduces operational expenditure
  • tick iconRule-based logic, for robotic processing accuracy
  • tick iconSecure, on-premises processing that won’t compromise customer data
  • tick iconRequires only a single ThinkAutomation server, from a single workstation
  • tick iconCan process historical, legacy data spanning years back
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