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Automation Action: Wait For Webhook

Wait for a 3rd party webhook call.

Built-In Action

Pauses execution of the Automation until a webhook callback is made from a 3rd party web service.

This action can be used to integrate with external web API's. Each processed message has a unique callback URL. This is available via the %Msg_WebCallbackUrl% built-in variable.

If you pass this variable via any HTTP Get or HTTP Post actions to a 3rd party API that offers a webhook response, then you can use this action to pause execution of the current message until the webhook response is received. You can then assign any of the parameters passed back with the webhook to variables in your Automation.

Enter the Name. The name shows in the actions list - but is not used otherwise.

Specify the Maximum Wait in minutes. If a response is not received before this time the Automation will continue.

You can send a response to the webhook call. Specify the Response Type and Response Data. This is optional and will depend on the 3rd party API.

The Request Parameter Assignments grid can be used to map parameters sent by the webhook to fields & variables in your Automation.

To use this action you would first use the HTTP Get or HTTP Post actions to make a request to the 3rd party web API. As part of the request you would include the %Msg_WebCallbackUrl% variable. This will tell the API the URL to use to make the webhook callback. Consult the API documentation for the parameter name to use.

After the HTTP Get/Post action you would add a Wait For Webhook action to pause execution until the webhook callback is received.