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Automation Action: Update CSV

Add a row to a CSV file or variable containing CSV data.

Built-In Action

Create or update a comma separated values (CSV) file or CSV data.

You can either update a CSV File or a variable containing CSV data.

Enter or select the CSV File Name to update. This is the full path and filename of the CSV file you want to update. This is optional. If no file name is specified then the created CSV data will be assigned to the variable selected from the Assign To list.

ThinkAutomation will create the path and file if it does not already exist. Column names will be written to the header line of the new file (unless the Don't Add Field Header Line When Creating option is enabled).

Select the file Format of the CSV file. This can be ASCII, Unicode or UTF-8 (default).

Select the Column Delimiter. This is normally a comma, but can be any character. You can select select a | (pipe) character, semi-colon or TAB from the drop down.

Select the Line Terminator. This can be CRLF (Carriage Return/Line Feed), LF (Line Feed Only). CRLF is the default.

Select Don't Add Field Header Line When Creating if you want the CSV data to contain data lines only. By default, when the CSV file is first created the first line will contain the column headers.

Use Custom Columns List

By default ThinkAutomation will create CSV data with a column for each Extract Field action in your Automation. Enable Use Custom Columns List to specify a list of %variables% to include in each column. You can also specify the column header names.

Optionally select a variable from the Assign CSV Data To list to receive the updated CSV data.