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Automation Action: Set Message Store Folder

Assign the message to a folder in the Message Store.

Built-In Action

Assign the current message to a folder in the Message Store.

The Message Store contains copies of each message processed by the Automation. The Message Store can be organized into folders. This action is used to assign the current message to a folder. If no folder is assigned then the message is stored in the root folder for the Automation.

The Current Message Store Folders tree shows all current folders and sub-folders for the Automation. Select one of the folders to assign the current message.

You can also manually specify a path in the Assign Message To Message Store Folder Path entry. This can contain %variable% replacements to dynamically assign folders (Eg: 'Customers\%CustomerName%').

If folders for the specified path do not exist they will be created.

Folders and sub-folders in the path are separated by backslash characters. For example a path of 'Top\Level1\Level2' will create:


The message will then be assigned to the 'Level2' sub folder.

Folder names can contain letters and numbers only. Each folder name can be up to 100 characters.

You can also create folders and sub-folders whilst viewing the Message Store. Right click a folder and select Create Sub Folder. Existing messages in the Message Store can be moved to other folders by selecting one or more messages in the Message Store. Right-click the selection and select the Move To menu item.