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Automation Action: Get CRM Entity

Read entity values from Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sugar or Zoho CRM.

Built-In Action

Performs a query against a CRM system to lookup a single entity and assign entity values to variables.

Click Connect to connect to a CRM system. Currently ThinkAutomation can connect to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Online)
  • Salesforce
  • Sugar CRM
  • Zoho CRM

See: CRM Connection Notes for specific CRM connection details.

Once connected select the Entity Type to query.

You then create Query Conditions to lookup an entity of the Entity Type specified. The query can contain %variable% replacements. You can create multiple query conditions, for example: FirstName Equal To %Name% AND Email Contains %Company%.

The query will return the first record that matches the query conditions.

In the Assign Returned Entity Values To Variables list, select each CRM entity value that you want to assign to a ThinkAutomation Variable. If the query returns no entity then the selected ThinkAutomation variables will be set to blank values.