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Automation Action: Dynamics On Premise Connector (BETA)

Custom Action Available From Library

This action is intended for use with an on premises version of Dynamics 365.

Within the Dynamics Entity action you have the ability to perform the following operations on all entities within the platform:

  • Get
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

Connection Information

There are 5 required fields when connecting to your dynamics instance. These are as follows:

  • Host: e.g. https://crm.parkersoftware.com
  • Username: the username used to login
  • Password: the password used to login
  • Instance Name: the name of the dynamics instance.
  • Active Directory Domain: the Active Directory Domain that is being used.

Making a request

When making a request multiple fields are required. These are as follows:

  • Request Type: the type of request you wish to make.
  • Entity Type: the entity type you wish to perform the action on
  • Entity Values: the values you wish to assign to the entity. If you are performing a type of "Get", this field will allow you to extract properties to specific variables. To do this, select the relevant property in the first column and select the variable in the second.

If a successful request is made the EntityID will be returned from the action. This value can then be used in subsequent requests. For "Get" requests, the raw JSON value returned from Dynamics will be returned, with any custom extractions taking place.

If an error occurs the response will be blank and any errors added to the log.