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Automation Action: Download File

Download a file via HTTP and return the local path to a variable.

Built-In Action

Download a file via HTTP from any URL.

Enter the URL To Download. This can be any HTTP or HTTPS URL that points to a downloadable file.

If the web resource requires authentication then specify the Authentication method and optionally a User Name/Password or an OAuth Auth Token retrieved from a previous OAuth SignIn action.

Optionally specify any Query String Parameters and Custom Headers to add to the request.

You can specify the Connection Timeout (in seconds). This is the number of seconds to wait for the initial connection. The Response Timeout is the number of seconds to wait for the file to be downloaded after the connection has been made.

Enter or select the Save To Folder. This is the folder on your file system that you want the downloaded file to be saved in.

Optionally enter a Use Filename. If no filename is specified then the filename will be extracted from the URL.

Enable the Make Filename Unique option to append a unique number to the filename if a file already exists in the selected folder with the same name.

Once the file is downloaded the resulting full path/filename will be assigned to the variable selected from the Assign Returned File Path To list.

You can then use this variable to perform other actions such as adding the file as an attachment to outgoing emails.

The Automation will raise an error if the download fails for any reason.