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Automation Action: Create Passcode

Create a random Passcode and assign the value to a variable.

Built-In Action

Creates a random Passcode and assigns the value to a variable.

This action can be used to generate a random passcode. The passcode can then be sent by email (via the Wait For User Response or Send Email actions) or by SMS (via the Twilio Send SMS Message and Twilio Wait For SMS Reply actions) in order to implement two-factor authentication or to check that a given email address or mobile phone number is valid.

Select the Passcode Type. This can be:

  • Letters (a-z)
  • Letters & Numbers (a-z,0-9)
  • Letters, Numbers & Special Characters (a-z,0-9, ~!@#$%^&*_-+=|()[]:;<>?/)
  • Numbers Only (0-9)
  • Random Word and Numbers
  • Two Random Words and Numbers

Enable Include Upper Case to also include (A-Z) characters if Numbers only is not used.

Enter the Number Of Characters. This can be between 3 & 99.

Select the variable to assign the passcode to from the Assign To list.

The Passcode generated will be random containing no repeating characters. The Passcode is not guaranteed to be universally unique.

For the Random Word and Two Random Words options the passcode will consist of one or two random words (English) followed by numbers (based on the Number Of Characters entry). For example: 'Glove2085' - if the number of characters was set to 4. If the Include Upper Case option is enabled then the first character of the random word will be in upper case.