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Automation Action: Comment

Add a comment line to an Automation and optionally save the comment value to the log.

Built-In Action

Automations can contain any number of Comment actions. By default comments do nothing.

You can space out Actions in your Actions list by adding blank comments.

If the Show In Log option is enabled then the comment value will be added to the Automation Log (regardless of the current Log Level). The Comment text can contain %variable% replacements. Comment text will be truncated if longer than 1000 characters.

If the Show Notification In ThinkAutomation Studio option is enabled then the comment will appear in the ThinkAutomation Studio for any active Studio users as a notification when the Automation executes. The Message Processor will limit studio notifications to 500 per processed message to prevent the Studio being overloaded.

If you have used the Studio Send Message option to send a manual message to an Automation then any Comment actions will show in the response, regardless of the Show Notification In ThinkAutomation Studio or Show In Log options.