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Our story, from brainwave to business process automation leader

ThinkAutomation started its life as an internal admin tool for Parker Software. Our (then) small team was struggling to keep up with the admin that comes with quick-fire customer growth.

We had just launched a hit live chat product, WhosOn. In fact, the product was so successful that orders were outnumbering available resources. This led to us scouring the market for a tech tool that could help with automating order processing.

No adequate tool existed. So, we built it ourselves. The team devised a handy solution that could parse incoming orders, migrate data and update our internal databases. This solution was the very first face of what is now ThinkAutomation.

To Email2DB

It wasn't long before we realised that our internal side project was a powerful product in its own right. What we had created was unique, and solved a clear and common problem. So, in 2012, we launched our automation tool into the market as Email2DB.

Email2DB did what it said on the tin. It processed emails to automatically update databases and in doing so saved the time and effort of manual data entry.

Our little tool began to gain momentum. We started to win big-name customers, and started to develop and grow the product to include more actions. Slowly, the product scaled into a comprehensive automation solution. It was increasingly clear that Email2DB was outgrowing its name.

To ThinkAutomation

Email2DB was reborn as ThinkAutomation in 2015. This rebrand better reflected the product's range and huge scope. After all, if you can think it, ThinkAutomation can automate it.

In 2021 we released ThinkAutomation Version 5, which is a ground up re-write using the latest development technologies.

Today, the product is used by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries. It has been redesigned for high availability, increased flexibility with implementation, and greater workflow possibilities. And the developments are ongoing.

We have a dedicated team focused on ThinkAutomation, adding new actions and integrations with every major update. The product has evolved from a simple email to database tool into the vast and flexible automation platform that you can leverage today. We are pretty proud of that journey.

Voted the Gardian's number 1 tech tool for productivity and efficiency.
Won "Best Automation Project" in the DevOps awards.
Has 97% retention rate with customers.
Parses 5 billion emails per year.
Automation tool of choice for NASA, Xerox, Cisco & more.

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