Want to use robotic process automation for supply chain and logistics workflows? Here’s how ThinkAutomation can help.

Capture, replicate, and process data

ThinkAutomation is designed to retrieve and respond to data using rule-based logic. Importantly, it can do so across multiple applications and programs.

So, this means our software bots can save you the time and effort of manually copying data between systems. Your supply chain data syncs from touchpoint to touchpoint, without human rekeying.

Email parsing and processing

No matter how many emails you have pouring in — shipment updates, customer enquiries, vendor PDFs — our software bots can read them. Then, they can process those emails accordingly.

This works based on ‘if this, then that’ rules. ThinkAutomation retrieves messages, runs them against your rules, and then triggers the relevant sequence of events. Your emails are parsed and processed in minutes.

Customer updates

Our software bots don’t just read and route your emails — they can also reply to them on your behalf. So, you need no longer reply to every customer message manually.

Instead, ThinkAutomation can query your systems to determine shipment status. Then, it can extract this latest info and use it to push a personalised delivery/dispatch update to the customer.

Capture loads and rate look-ups

Continually looking up rates from multimodal carriers and 3PLs can be a time-consuming and repetitive task. Typing that data back into your internal systems is slower still.

Use ThinkAutomation to help. Our software bots can automatically run rate look-ups and push data back into your desired portal, preventing any lost time or inaccuracy.

Inventory workflows

You can hook ThinkAutomation into your inventory system to run custom workflows and bridge together different platforms.

For example, you could create rules to push out alert emails when stock is low, parse new products into a CMS, translate entries based on location, or any other action you need.

Shipment monitoring

Pickup requests, checking shipment progress, reporting status between internal systems and portals: shipping comes with many manual tasks. Our software bots can alleviate the strain.

ThinkAutomation can extract shipment details from emails, log jobs, and provide pickup times in customer or carrier portals. So, your team has more time free to focus on high-value tasks.

Speed invoicing

Invoicing can create bottlenecks in busy supply chains. With our software bots, you can automate many of the manual invoice processes that slow you down.

ThinkAutomation pushes data to invoices. It extracts shipping data, attaches PODs and invoices, and auto-updates your CRM or customer portal. This helps you speed up your processes, without extra effort.

Purchase order processing

Streamline the purchasing process with software bots. ThinkAutomation can extract sales order data, route purchase orders, store and sync documents, and run auto-checks against ERP data.

So, this means you can create a purchasing cycle both more accurate and more manageable, with faster processing and fewer errors.

Appointment scheduling

With ThinkAutomation, you can design your own dock, transportation, and warehouse appointment scheduling system. You do this by building out the ‘if’ blocks and workflows that suit your needs.

That could be a simple calendar hook that looks for available windows and pushes out schedule updates, or it could be a multi-tiered sequence with layers of triggers, conditions and actions.

SMS alerts

SMS can help your logistics processes — goods tracking, shipping notifications, delivery updates — run a little smoother. And our software bots can push out all those SMS alerts automatically.

ThinkAutomation integrates across your databases and systems. It monitors, tracks, and triggers into action. So, you can easily add timed and triggered SMS notifications into your logistics workflows.

Dispatch notifications

You operate in different regions, with your teams spread out across multiple locations. ThinkAutomation can help you mobilise them effectively and on the go.

For example, it can retrieve a range of customer requests: equipment repair requests, taxi pick-up requests, etc. Then, it can push an alert to the closest available team member to complete.

GIS mapping

You may need to use GIS mapping as part of your standard processes. In this instance, our software bots can work behind the scenes to automate the parsing and use of locational data.

ThinkAutomation can extract GPS info from emails and inbound messages. Then, it can push this data to a database and export to a cloud vendor for visual plotting – for an automated spatial mapping system.

Get building

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