The automated workplace: automation and the office atmosphere

You probably already know (or at least have a rough idea) about how you could implement automation software in your office. Automation can be a great tool for organising emails, data management, and a host of routine tasks. But how does that translate into an improved atmosphere in your office?

Business process automation software can lead to many small, positive changes that will impact all areas of your business, from employee satisfaction, work quality, and customer experience. Here, we explore how an automated workplace is an energised workplace.

Goodbye to the mundane

Almost every automation article out there will tell you that automation software takes care of mundane tasks like data extraction and management. What they don’t talk about is the effect this has on office atmosphere.

Without the automated workplace, your employees are weighed down with piecemeal processes that aren’t part of their core job. In fact, due to interruptions and admin tasks, only 45% of the working week is spent on primary job duties. This leads to rushing and stress on the part of your team, and will inevitably lead to errors.

Automation takes those tasks and completes them with little to no human interaction. So, there is less stress put on employees to rush through routine chores and get to their main work focus.

This means a more relaxed office atmosphere; an automated workplace can lead to higher quality work and fewer admin errors.

Everyone’s a VIP

Ah, the joys of filling in a spreadsheet. In an office, it can often feel like unexciting, soul-destroying monotony is holding you back from all the great and useful work you could be doing.

Well, because automation software is handling all that admin – the stuff that, despite its importance, feels the exact opposite of useful when you are forced to slug your way through it – employees can complete more productive, creative and beneficial work.

A feeling of accomplishment is a fantastic motivator. Team members who are tackling exciting work are more invested in their tasks, and more engaged with the company. So, the higher-value work enabled in an automated workplace can create a real feeling of accomplishment in employees.

It’s not rocket science: people performing robotic tasks feel like robots. If, however, your team feels that the work they’re doing is valuable, they are more likely to enjoy doing it. By enabling human workers to feel accomplishment in completing meaningful tasks, an automated workplace promotes an enthused office atmosphere.

It’s an assistant

Automation software, put simply, is an assistant. It gives your employees a digital PA of their own by building spreadsheets, running workflows, and extracting and migrating data. In doing so, it makes customer management easier.

Thanks to an automated workplace, not only will employees be in a better mood to help customers, they’ll also have relevant information readily available. This allows employees to better personalise each customer experience, without having to make the customer wait while they find data.

Automation software enables swift service, without stress. And these benefits extend beyond the office. The new and improved atmosphere you’ve achieved through an automated workplace will inevitably reach your customers too.

Contrary to popular belief

Automation isn’t here to steal jobs: it’s here to support them. Its growing presence in the business world means that human workers can focus on developing skills that computing is unable to replicate, such as creativity, leadership and strategy.

“There’s this assumption that it’s going to be people or robots, all or nothing. My experience is that it doesn’t operate that way. It’s automating part of the job, but not the full job. Repetitive, manual work—no one who’s doing it is really enjoying it.”

— John Donahoe

Contrary to popular belief, people needn’t be worried about automation stealing their jobs. Instead, they can be optimistic about its implementation, knowing that it will serve to improve their current work.

So, don’t worry about automation causing tension or fear in the office. This technophobia is a result of misinformation, and is easy to address. With clear communication, you can assuage any stress over an automation intrusion, and won’t counter the relaxed atmosphere that automation offers.

Relax your workers

To break it down, an automated workplace equals a relaxed atmosphere, which means happy workers. Happy workers mean high-quality work, and highly satisfied customers.

The employment of automation software in your office is a step towards reducing stress and creating a relaxed atmosphere. Why not give it a try, what’s there to lose?