5 productivity hacks powered by ThinkAutomation

How many times have you reached the end of the workday, and felt as though you’ve made no real progress? Or that you could’ve done more? Sure, you got a lot done, but it doesn’t feel substantial.

You aren’t alone. With all the admin, the data entry, document management and endless replies you need to sort, it’s a wonder that anyone gets any meaningful work done at all. Indeed, you feel like Alice and the red Queen — it’s taking all the running you can do to stay in one place.

But you can get off this endless treadmill of tasks with a little automated help. Here are five productivity hacks powered by ThinkAutomation, that’ll get you moving in no time. 

1.    No more copy-pasting emails

Emails — seemingly the bane of the office worker’s existence. Email inboxes quickly become overloaded. Not to mention all the outgoing emails you need to manage too.

Copying and pasting data from and into emails eats away at your productivity. So, the first of ThinkAutomation’s productivity hacks handles your email admin for you.

ThinkAutomation can act as an email parser. This means it scans for keywords and will extract key information and enter it into a database or CRM for you. (For example, contact details, order numbers, attachment content.)

 It can also back up your email data too. So, no more copy-pasting your emails, much more time for meaningful work.

2.    Start using auto-responses

Beyond managing the backend of your emails, you also need to reply to a fair few of them. In fact, you need to reply to all manner of incoming messages, from social media, to emails, to texts. These serve as little distractions throughout the day — tugging at the thread of your focus and unravelling your productivity.

This makes auto-responses the next of ThinkAutomation’s top productivity hacks.

ThinkAutomation can send automatic (pre-written) replies across a multitude of channels. First, the software parses your incoming messages. Then, based on triggers ⁠— key terms, sentiment scores ⁠— it sends the relevant response back. All via the relevant channel.

So, you can keep your focus while your automation tool deals with the distractions.

3.    Ditch the data-entry between apps

Another common productivity sink is manual data entry between applications. Particularly, that is, when you have poor system integration to contend with.

So, number three on the list of productivity hacks powered by automation is to ditch that inter-app data entry.

ThinkAutomation can act as an IT bridging tool. That is, it can connect to your separate applications and help them share data. With the rules that you set, it will extract, distribute, back-up, verify, migrate and handle the data from your third-party apps. Your data is automatically shared (and secured) exactly where you want it to be.

Meanwhile, you can focus on your productivity — knowing that when you need data from any one of your apps, it will be ready and available for you to use.

4.    Keep your data clean

Of course, even if you don’t need to manually enter data, you still need to keep it up to date and ‘clean’. Data cleansing, then, is yet another time-sink that can hurt your productivity.

Not to mention, when you don’t keep your data clean, you can end up with incorrect information. You get conflicting data and difficulty making use of the insight you’ve stored.

Letting ThinkAutomation handle your data cleansing, then, is another of the productivity hacks. It can remove archaic data, reformat invalid entries, and eliminate inaccurate input too.

5.    Stop manually monitoring systems

You have ThinkAutomation running all these productivity hacks for you, but you still need to monitor your systems. Or do you?

ThinkAutomation can monitor your systems for you as well. It can track activity and auto alert you to any key events as needed. This includes everything from social media mentions and inbound messages, to system errors and new data.

All you need to do is check in from time to time. (After, of course, you’ve already enjoyed your productivity boost.)

Automated productivity hacks

All too often, an endless stream of admin can leave you feeling empty. No matter how much effort you put in, it feels as though your productivity is nought.

But with these productivity hacks, powered by ThinkAutomation, you can get out of that rut. While automation takes on the distractions, you can focus on innovating, providing great service, or furthering your business growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Start putting these productivity hacks to use, with a 30-day free trial of Think Automation.