Create an automated ticketing system with ThinkAutomation. Our software bots can route, respond, and run actions against your tickets using rule-based logic.

1. Ticket arrives

All inbound tickets pass through ThinkAutomation

2. Conditional processing

Ticket data is parsed and checked against your ‘if’ rules

3. Triggered action

ThinkAutomation then takes the right automated action on each ticket

Auto-assign tickets based on skill
Prioritise tickets based on keywords
Auto-respond to common support queries
Log ticket information against customer CRM records
Bridge triggered calls to resolve urgent issues
Remind customers to follow up on an open ticket
Auto-close tickets
Request feedback upon ticket closure
Automate routine follow-ups
Calculate ticket satisfaction trends via sentiment analysis
Send email response to tickets out of office hours
Escalate a ticket to a manager
Get email or call alerts on critical tickets
Notifications of tickets from high-value customers
Design and auto-run custom ticket reports
Parse ticket data into a dashboard
Auto-translate inbound tickets
Tag and categorise tickets
Push positive ticket feedback into an intranet feed
Send negative ticket comments to a manager
Create a backup ticket log store
Upload ticket attachments into a set folder
Send a ping to a web service to check ticket info
Identify common promoters and detractors
And countless more

Hundreds of combinations

With ThinkAutomation, you can choose and design the various ticketing automations that work for you. There are no limits to the ticketing rules, triggers, and actions you can create.

To build your own flexible ticketing solution, you simply enter a series of ‘if this, then that’ rules into ThinkAutomation. It then executes the right actions on your behalf. For example:

If a customer has not responded to a ticket after x days

Email the customer to inform them of ticket closure

Close the ticket and log in customer CRM record

If a ticket contains critical/urgent keywords

Mark the ticket as “high priority”

Forward to a manager for immediate attention

If a ticket asks a common FAQ

Send a pre-set auto-response

Follow up in x days with feedback request

Ready to add automation to your ticketing processes?

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