ThinkAutomation customers: meet WhosOn

We know that our ThinkAutomation customers are always looking for new ways to automate and integrate. So, did you know that we also deliver contact centre chat / chatbot technology?

ThinkAutomation comes to you from the team at Parker Software. And our software house offers another digital product that you could be benefiting from.

Meet WhosOn.

Introducing WhosOn

WhosOn is one of the most established live chat solutions in existence, built to meet the advanced requirements of global contact centres. Security, manager tools, reporting, and integrations are at the heart of the solution.

WhosOn’s core focus is:

  • Secure chatbots and conversational AI
  • Enterprise-grade live chat and messaging
  • Compliant engagements at scale

To that end, key features include, but are not limited to:

So, how does this tie into ThinkAutomation?

Chat automations

You could spin up some pretty advanced chat automations and integrations between ThinkAutomation and our WhosOn chat software. For example:

  • Querying your databases during active chat sessions to retrieve information in real-time, using simple ‘@’ requests
  • Syncing chat data to folders, files, reports, database tables, cloud services, etc
  • Integrating customer chat data into any CRM with an API
  • Running workflows based on commands typed into a chat session, i.e. “Email customer bill”
  • Sending real-time alerts across your IoT network based on high chat volumes / chat queues / negative feedback
  • Saving exchanged chat files to a preferred location – either locally or in the cloud
  • 2FA / multi-factor authentication during a live chat session

Get in touch

Would these chat automations be useful for your contact centre operations? We’re always happy to discuss this or any other ideas for configuring new automations and process flows.

Drop us a chat to start exploring your options.

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